A Game Called Chess
by Erman Bradley

Chess board squares are sixty-four,
One does not need one square more.
A board's a field for battles many,
Of more pieces none need any
For sixteen stand on each side.
Look, two horses each are ready to ride.
Opposing forces ride these horses.
Well-played they are powerful forces.
Horses do produce variety.
They move over one then ahead three.
Power into games horses pump.
For over opponents they can jump.
Take horse out soon from each stable
To control eight squares each is able.
When a fork is desired in a  play,
A horse will often save the day.
Bishops stay so dedicated,
Good service may be anticipated.
Towers are also called rooks,
They sure deserve our fondest looks.
In end games they do their stuff,
To get checkmate two are enough.
Opposing sides dress differently,
So force colors one may see.
A light side piece does move first.
Game begins with this thrust.
Players have their special plays.
Pawn Queen 4 may cause a daze.
Sometimes Pawn King 4 causes pause.
A good player always has a cause.
Pawns like soldiers form a line.
A plan to save them is always fine.
Pawns are never expendable.
In end games they oft are able.
To make the final difference
In an attack, or a defense.
Queen never stays at King's table.
To express great power she is able.
Though King wants her by his side,
Queen must venture far and wide.
She can conquer any foe,
But there';s one thing she does know.
She may be trapped and then removed.
Alas, misfortune can take King's beloved.
The goal of the game is when the King,
Is threatened and none help can bring.
So now you know what Chess is about.
Oh, Yes, "Check Mate" is the game's end shout.