Bumpin Buttafingas - September 26, 2002

I had to give PMB some competion so here goes: ahem *cough cough*

May I have yo attention please
Will the real bumpin buttafingas please stand up
I repeat, will the real bumpin buttafingas please stand up?
We're goin to have a problem here
Whats that you never seen the French defense before
jaws all on the floor kicking your butt all the more
no way your kidding he didnt just play what i think he did did he?
thats right you fools i got the repertoire as long as schindlers list
and all the power right in the wrist
when i flip my bishops through the myst
of a complicated and cluttered middlegame battlefield
with all my tactics carefully concealed
all my pieces poised to attack
going to bust a cap
on the white pieces' behalf
and all my rook's all carefully lodged
ready to give a repeating barrage
and before you know
the white king is all on the flo
from a properly executed strike
which will probably leave you crying all through the night
and who in the world is this PMB
such lack of skill and facility
not one ounce of credibility
now this looks like a job for....just kidding
wicky wicky i