Chess Play Delay  by Erman Bradley
What is the great appeal of Chess?
Is it a balm that meets distress?

Maybe that thought is in one's mind,
To have a game that's well defined.
Chess certainly may be a balm.
Time to make moves may add to calm;
However, time without concentration,
May result in consternation.
If one plays chess very well,
He must learn the need to tell,
Himself first thoughts may seen best,
But they could leave one quite distressed.
So, the very best thing to do,
Is in the mind, play thoughts through.
Consequences follow every play,
So it's important to delay,
Making a move until you see,
It won't cost an exorbitant fee.
You may grab an offered Pawn,
And not have it's purpose dawn,
That to take the Pawn springs a trap,
With you inside. Why did you nap?
Forks are good with any meal,
But forked in Chess and pain you feel.
So, follow advice, look, think, leap,
And you'll have less reason to weep.
Some may blame you for delay,
But pondering gives you the last HOORAY!