"The Game of Chess"  by Erman Bradley

What a charming game is chess!

Played badly it is just a mess!
However, when the game's played well,
There is a lot that one could tell.
One may seek chess history,
But, It's too old for one to see.
Kings and Queens have moved about.
Though majors move, Pawns move them out.
Bishops hold their services,
Repeating black and white verses.
Towers stand close to a fray,
But they too soon may fade away.
Checkmate the King is the point of the game.
Maybe that's how Chess got its name.
Sha Mat means "The King is Dead,"
When he's in danger of losing his head.
But, the King never really dies,
Regardless of how hard the opponent tries,
When a King's in danger and can't get out,
That bring a ringing victory SHOUT.
One can learn chess in a day,
But, to be very good takes years of play,
Practice, practice brings results.
One learns to live with defeat's insults.
When a gome is over it's not forever,
Some other time you can be clever.
But, never gloat when you chance to win,
Your loss next time's like a blow on the chin.

Erman Bradley