Just A Pawn
By Erman Bradley

Beginning games, Pawns are treated,
As if it's O.K. they are defeated.
They seem many lesser things,
with insignificance like hollow rings.
They are seen as support protection,
They are limited in every direction.
They move ahead or side to side.
Some just sit and time abide.
Passed Pawns take on new meaning clear,\
As they become a piece to fear.
Earlier they seemed just plain,
Buy with each square there's home to reign.
Chess begins with King and Queen,
On each side a pair may be seen,
But as battles are hot and heavy,
Queens capture is a painful levy.
When Queen is gone, King must fear.
He was protected with she was near.
There is no greater loss
Than the Queen who often is boss.
Hope seems all evaporated.
Lost queen took joy anticipated!
Simple Pawn steps onto square eight,
Another Queen comes through the gate.
She didn't know but time did show.
This delight we all now know.
A Pawn's a Princess before unseen,
For on square eight she's crowned a Queen!