Overview of NCCA Progress; or Lack Thereof
by NM Leland Fuerstman
Charlotte, NC 7-1-19:  When Debs Pedigo was elected (or appointed) President of the NCCA 8 months ago, he boasted that major changes would soon take place in order to get the organization back on track. He was quick to deny that he would be controlled by self appointed NCCA Legal Advisor A. Wilder Wadford nor anyone else in his quest to make things better. He promised that the NCCA Website would be revamped and made easier to access information as well as publish up-to-date info. However, nothing could be further from the truth. When one observes the NCCA website, http://www.ncchess.org/ - the first thing you will notice at the top of the page is an advertisement (in weird Asian style script) about an important Rapid & Blitz tournament which "will" take place on May 4-5 in Cary, N.C.?? I mean, seriously folks, why can't he hire some low level website manager to regularly update the page? It really wouldn't cost that much to do. Besides, the NCCA treasury has the money. I see it as perpetual negligence. In addition, the categories which are listed still contain information which has been out of date for "years." Example: Under "Chess Clubs," Tiger Chess (Charlotte) has not been active since 2011?? And, who knows whether the info is accurate for all of the other clubs listed? Yet, because of President Pedigo's policy of following the diktat of WW, the Charlotte Chess Club, which is the oldest club in North Carolina, (and probably the entire Southeast) is NOT listed. The membership list, (of which there are 3 choices to access requiring other obscure programs to open?) is replete with errors indicating that members who expired a year ago are "current?" The "Rating List" reflects old ratings from months ago. The "Administration" page includes the names, Email addresses and phone numbers of the new officers except for the phone number of the Vice President of Scholastics Grant Oen, who refuses to publish his? Nor is he very good at answering E-mails. The officers should be accessible; not hide themselves from their responsibilities or the concerns of the members. If his work load is already too great, he shouldn't have accepted the position and must politely step aside to allow a person who "cares" to take his place. The very reason that I am still at odds with the NCCA has everything to do with unreasonably high entry fees for scholastic events, minuscule payback, excessive windfall profits, and ridiculously incomplete or non existing accounting. For 2 years running, during the last administration, the NCCA conducted the State Scholastic Championship which in our estimation grossed over $50,000 each!? Yet, no reflection of those profits was ever observed on any legal accounting statement. Furthermore, according to their last Annual Report, the treasury only shows $9,000+ in the bank account?? (Uh, where did all of the money go? Certainly not on creative projects funded by the NCCA)
If President Pedigo had accomplished the things that he personally told me he would, there would be a new constitution (not articles of incorporation) in place of the archaic, cut and pasted mandate which guarantees perpetual control to the "prevailing party" (via ridiculous proxies) and nothing to the members or other inspired individuals who might wish to become involved. The only real value of the NCCA website is the list of "Upcoming Events" which, of course, excludes info about Charlotte Chess Club. Otherwise, the NCCA website is an embarrassment just as it was when Pedigo took over. After 8 months in office, I respectfully give a grade of "D-" to Debs Pedigo. At least what's left in the bank account is safe.
NM Leland Fuerstman