Join the CCC and Get a Free Turkey Dinner!  (or 40% Discount!!)

The following is a list of local chess players who are invited to join (or re-join) the Charlotte Chess Club: NM Chris Mabe (2314), NM Joshua Mu (2244), Expert Tianqi Wang (2105), Expert Alain Morais (2055), Expert Dominique Myers (2052), Expert Sulia Mason (2024), David Stamper (1994), J.P. Flynn (1975), Thomas Paradis (1967), Seth Taylor-Brill (1935), Gary Branton (1905), Michael Brown (1883), Fabio Hurtado (1853), Mark Biernacki (1851) Tarokh Taefi (1834), Mark Sturman (1777), D.J. Cremisi (1767), Travis Hatley (1728), Mike Eberhardinger (1723), Suhas Madiraju (1691) and, if I inadvertently left any names off the list, consider yourself invited!!

For the remainder of the month of July, if you join the Charlotte Chess Club, you will receive a FREE Turkey dinner with all the trimmings and beverage of your choice valued at $10! (Or, you may subtract $10 from our annual membership fee!) Either way, you'll be back in action at the CCC!

Over the recent past, the CCC website has attempted to steer topics away from addressing petty personal attacks and political squabbling, to be replaced with games and raw chess analysis! (See Message 0469). The latter seems to be working just fine. I am happy to report that the CCC has again become the flagship of "adult" chess clubs in North Carolina! (See Current Crosstable)  After all, where else can you enjoy a delicious, properly priced meal served by our personal waitress, Cindy, while monitoring a large flat screen TV with the sound turned off, socialize and meet new friends, analyze on our demo board, play one rated game of chess at 7:45 sharp, enjoy hot and cold beverages during and after the game, hang around and kibbitz and laugh and play speed chess for as long as you'd like! (Skyland stays open 24 hours!) And, as usual, the following morning, a synopsis of the previous evening's play, including annotated games and images, is always "promptly posted" for your enjoyment on this website. In addition, take a look at the detailed information included on our "Roster!" The product we provide at the CCC far exceeds all other clubs!

So, come and join the fun at the Skyland Family Restaurant this Wednesday evening. See you there!